7 Secret Benefits Of Cruising That Could Surprise You




Are you unsure if a cruise holiday is the right choice for you? Although there are many obvious benefits of an all-inclusive holiday with a planned destination, there are also many advantages of Indonesian island cruise that might surprise you.

A cruise vacation is a holiday. It's a time for relaxation, unwinding, and exploring new places. A typical cruise ship vacation includes all meals, world class entertainment, enrichment lectures and spa. Additionally, the cruise ship provides transportation and accommodation. This is only the tip of the Iceberg.

Seven Benefits of Cruising - Now or later

Whether you are cruising now or waiting, here are some advantages from cruising that you may not have thought about.

You can visit destinations off the beaten track without spending all day there

Although the majority of cruises depart from big cities and stop at important ports, they tend to travel to less well-known destinations too.

Some are stunning and tropical, like Moorea located in French Polynesia. Others are fascinating. We've seen endless bicycle rows in Haarlem (Netherlands), visited an iron ore transportation station in Port Hedland, Australia and seen a unique wooden Moses statue in a Itajai church in Brazil.

Cruising can transform transit time into a lot of fun

We find amazing spots by stepping off the beaten path. Activities onboard make our transit days fun.

It is quite the opposite when we attempt to travel to these remote areas by ourselves. It's harder to travel to remote areas when they are less well-known. On land, this often means long boring drives or worse, airport layovers that are not long enough to travel anywhere, but are too long to stand in.

Learn something completely new

Indonesian island cruise offers no-cost enrichment opportunities and silly fun. Most of us take part in some sort of dancing lesson, trivia game or even attend seminars.




But that's not all. Everyday we experiment with something that's new. We learned watercolour painting on our first sail with Azamara. While we were in our repositioning cruise, we also learned how to play the Ukulele. One ship offered an enrichment program in astronomy that included night star spotting as well as an indoor portable planetarium.

Someone else will do the research and planning for destinations.

It's not necessary to plan ahead. Each ship we've sailed on has had an excursion desk on the shore and expert on destination to answer any questions. For people who don't research hiring someone else to do the work is one of the advantages of cruising.

Intimately familiar with the ports, the destination expert's talk will teach you everything you need to know about how to visit the port of your choice. If you missed it, you can watch replays on the television in your stateroom.

Only unpack at least once

We are often light on our feet, even in carry-on bags. I am a fan of carrying one bag and spreading it around. The majority of people are guilty of overpacking. This is why it's essential to only unpack one time, then travel to many different cities.

Shop till you drop

Whatever you decide to pack your bags, once you have reached the baggage allowance of your airline shopping can become a costly hassle. Sailing one way, to your city of residence is the ideal solution.

Delicious meals can be prepared by another person Many ships accommodate food allergies.

Many cruisers consider mealtime a highlight, as it's packed with delicious food , and typically endless portions. There is never a shortage of food when you are on a cruise ship regardless of whether you like buffets or other specialty restaurants.

Food allergies are addressed in the catering menu is a huge benefit of cruising for me. For others, it may seem meaningless. Even with a few food restrictions, every dining experience requires me to describe my food allergy and hope that the server is able to understand and can translate it correctly to the chef. 

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